Feedback Form For Graphic Design

Form Instructions

This form gives you the opportunity to give Wellsites the consolidated feedback on your design work, this is required for the next round of revisions. Please give us feedback in as clear and detailed manner as possible (If you are gathering feedback from a number of people please ensure that you present this feedback as a single view).

Notes :

  • Submission of this form is taken as authorisation to proceed to the next revision of design.
  • We will produce the next revision of design after receiving this form.
  • No additional feedback can be incorporated into the next design round once we have received this form.
  • Please ensure that you have put all the feedback in this form.
  • Additional feedback can be included in subsequent revisions (if there are revisions left in your contract)

Please fill in the online form below or if you prefer, please download Word version of the form and  email the form to

Word version of Feedback Form