Our Vision, Mission & Values

Wellsites’ Vision

Vision Mission Values

To be recognised as the global leading website design and online marketing provider for the health care, medical and dental industry. Providing solutions that fit with all requirements and budgets

  • To have a globally recognised brand
  • For health professionals to think of Wellsites first when looking to expand their brand online

Wellsites’ Mission

To provide attractive, purposeful, effective websites that attract new clients and streamline processes for health care, medical and dental businesses

  • Customer Satisfaction – Exceed the customer’s expectations.
  • Team Satisfaction – Employees want to come to work and do a good job.
  • Profitability – Deliver all work and projects on time and within budget

The Wellsites Values

1. Quality

  • Highest quality of work communication to all clients, partners and team members
  • Looking for opportunity to work smarter and to strive for continuous improvement
  • Establish Clear Mutually Acceptable Expectations
  • Managed Expectations, Consistently Achieved

2. Professionalism

  • Respect and courteous communication with clients and team members
  • Open, Honest & Timely Communication

3. Profit

  • Required for Our Success • Allows for Growth & Investments for Future • Everyone is Responsible for Profitability

4. Team Work

  • Respect Each Other
  • Take time to celebrate our successes
  • Say “Thank You” for a good job done
  • You’re Accountable for Your Commitments
  • Recognise that every member of both the wellsites team and client team is of equal importance.
  • Without everybody working together as a team there is no business and no future
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