Email Newsletters

The reason why a number of professionals use Email Newsletters

A growing number of professionals use newsletter marketing to build their practices. Newsletters are ideally suited and highly effective for the unique marketing needs of professional practices. The same rule holds true for newsletters targeted directly to clients and patients. Unlike traditional advertising, newsletters are not viewed as self-serving, because each issue provides valuable information.

Email Newsletter Benefits

  • They enhance your company’s reputation and increases lead generation.
  • They increase the lifetime value of your clients.
  • They are a very cost-efficient and cost-effective communication channel with your clients / referring practitioners.
  • They leverage your marketing efforts.
  • They provide instantaneous trackable results.
  • There is an opportunity for your clients / referring practitioners to easily and immediately interact with you and for you to promote dialogue with your clients / referring practitioners.
  • They provide a higher response rate because it is being sent to a more receptive audience.
  • They are more cost efficient than a printed newsletter because of the significant savings in time, printing and mailing costs.
Email Newsletter

Email Newsletter Services

Wellsites can deliver email newsletter services as follows:

  • Identify the objectives and topics for your newsletters.
  • Identify newsletter success criteria.
  • Identify newsletter frequency.
  • Design email newsletter templates.
  • Write or collate newsletter content.
  • Create newsletter graphic design elements.
  • The configuration of email marketing account.
  • Import and clean up of data.
  • Send and manage an email newsletter campaign.
  • Create a detailed campaign report on open rates, click through rates, etc.
  • Report and discuss campaign results.

Client or Patient Newsletters

A client or patient newsletter demonstrates your concern for the people your practice serves and aims to strengthen that relationship. It’s a convenient and impressive way to keep in touch on a regular basis, especially with clients or patients you may not see often. For prospective clients or patients, a newsletter can introduce your firm in a professional, low-key manner.

Referral-Generating Newsletter

A referral-generating newsletter is written for other professionals with the ultimate purpose of encouraging them to refer their clients or patients to you. It has been proven that developing a strong relationship with your referral sources can result in many patients or clients being referred to your practice over a period of years. An email newsletter is a great way of building this relationship.

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