Want to register a domain name for your medical or health care business?

It has never been easier or cheaper. But there is still some confusion about what your domain name should be and how to register and structure your domain name.

The following are tips to follow when registering your domain name.

Tips when registering a domain

  1. The only characters allowed are letters, digits and a hyphen (-)
  2. Spaces are not allowed (www.my domain.com must be www.mydomain.com or www.my-domain.com)
  3. The name should be between 3 and 63 characters long
  4. You can buy as many domain names as you wish
  5. To buy an Australian domain name (.com.au and .net.au) you need an Australian ABN
  6. Domain names are NOT cAsE sEnSiTiVe – so abc.com is the same as ABC.com
  7. You can register your domain name with Wellsites
  8. We can help you with choosing or registering your name if you need it. Contact us with any questions you have regarding domain name.

Register Your Domain Name Now With Wellsites

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