Mobile Website Offer

Mobile Website Offer

Do you have a mobile website for your medical or dental practice?

The facts:

  • In 2014 mobile internet usages is forecasted to overtake fixed internet usage.
  • More than three-quarters of Australians access the internet through mobile devices

Anybody who has recently sat in a restaurant, been on public transport, in fact anybody who has been anywhere will have seen that it seems like pretty much the whole world is spending more and more time on their mobile phone! Have you started to think about a mobile website for your business?

Is your business ready for mobile?

Mobile Website Special Offer

At Wellsites we believe that your business and your website should be mobile ready. That is why we are offering all our existing clients the chance to get their website mobile ready for 2014.

Special Offer – Get 50% off our mobile website set-up fee

  • For all orders places by 31/12/31

Mobile is the wave of the future and we are excited to help your business go mobile.

Contact Wellsites for more information on this one off offer.

Mobile website special offer