A Powerful One Day Seminar with SEVEN Dental Specialist Speakers

Never has there been a seminar quite like this one!  A powerful one day seminar which combines EVERYTHING you need to know when buying or setting up your own dental practice.  

We have gathered together the top specialists in the fields of

  • Dental Accounting
  • Dental Law
  • Dental Finance
  • Dental Marketing
  • much more

In this seminar we will provide you with the information and know-how you need to successfully acquire and run your own dental practice.  

Full day seminar

  • Cost $99
  • 20th September, 2014
  • Start 8.30am registration (9.00am Start)
  • Limited seats no more than 40
  • Address: Level 2 19/21 Argyle Place South Carlton VIC 3053
  • Contact: Janet Gigl, MW Partners
  • Ph. 03 8825 5400
  • Email:




  • Do you want to buy/set up a dental practice?

  • Do you know what type of advisors are required to purchase & run a dental practice?

  • How good would it be to have a specialized team you could rely on!

  • Why do I need dental specialists? Dental businesses are unique. And yet many dentists experience similar issues. A specialist on your team means they have dealt with these issues before.

  • What kind of lawyer would you require for the purchase of a practice? What if I purchase an associateship or a partnership?

  • So you have found the practice that meets your criteria, how do you structure it to get the best tax planning benefits for the future?

  • I bought the practice , should i buy the building?

  • Do you know how patients find their dentists? (word of mouth, street signage, internet)

  • What kind of specialist would help with that?

  • What is the average cost per square metre to fit out a dental surgery? What are the building compliance requirements for a dental surgery?

  • Were you born to be a dental practice owner, or could you do with a mentor? Insurance, do you know what you have to cover?

  • $500,000+ to purchase a practice, who do I borrow from?

  • Will someone borrow you money to cover day to day operating expenses?

  • Understand, there are reports and then there are reports!!!!

  • Old adage: rubbish in, rubbish out. Why do you need to consider a specialist bookkeeper?



Albert Gigl the principal at MW Partners (specialist dental accountants) where he and his team work with dentists, dental specialists and their practices every day, whether it be in the purchase/set up or the running of their practices. Over the years Albert has been practising, he has come to understand what a unique entity a dentist or dental practice is, and how understanding these differences makes all the difference to his clients. He has put this seminar together with trusted colleagues who he has been referring his clients to over these years.


Albert Gigl – Chartered Accountant

– Structures and why Trusts are used.
– Who owns the goodwill?
– The order of the sale process.
– Valuing the business.
– Other relevant issues facing practice owners.

Clair Whitehead – Lawyer

– Issues concerning the Sales Contract.
– Different types of Agreements.
– Other legal considerations.

Kristy Barnhill – Dental Finance Specialist

– Getting pre-approval for the amount you need to purchase the practice.
– The different types of finance.
– The best loans and most cost effective finance to the purchaser.
– The need to look beyond the original finance and anticipate what your future needs may be.
– The need to conserve cash flow in the early months.

Lloyd Levin – Principal Adviser

– Insurance – Why have it?
– The three main insurances you need.

Carolyn Dean – Principal

– Trends and best practice in on line marketing.
– Demystify this new media and embrace on line marketing.
– Learn how to attract new clients and understand what these new clients are looking for on line.

Burtus – Victorian State Manager

– Surgery Design & fit-out.
– Average costs per square metre and how the building itself affects costs (ie. Converted residence V commercial property).
– Fit-out half the surgery. Will that work?

Toni Surace – Principal

– WOW Experience
– Brief over view of dental software
– Understanding and analysing your numbers


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