blogBlogging is gaining more and more popularity and being used as a marketing strategy by many businesses. Businesses that have blogs usually have more visitors compared to ones that do not. A recent report shows that WordPress and Blogspot have more than 6 million users combined. Australians are growing in their interest of blogging.

It is an inbound marketing strategy, and as the facts clearly show, you need to start blogging today if you want to reap its full benefits. Blogging is a critical part of the marketing strategy and you need to consider it when coming up with your dental or medical website design. Linking your blog to your website will give you an added advantage.

The 5 reasons why you need to have a blog to match your aesthetically appealing dental or medical website design:

1.     Blogs let you to update multiple social media accounts

When your website is updated, it is possible for all your other social media networks to be updated at the same time, using various apps or scheduling tools. For example, you might publish a post that gives your blog visitors advice and a snippet of this article will show up on your Facebook page. Portions of the article could also be automatically tweeted letting all your subscribers know that new content has been published. This saves time as you don’t have to personally update all your social media accounts.

2.    Blogs improve the visibility of your dental or medical website

Your practice’s website could have the best website design, but this alone is not enough to lure people to it. Visibility is needed so that it is accessible to more people. The full potential of the internet must be leveraged to allow potential patients to find your website easily. Most search engines rank blogs higher because they are regularly updated, so this will increase your visibility. You can convert these prospects by linking to your dental or medical website from the blog, thus directing traffic to it. These links will in turn improve your website’s ranking.

3.   Blogs make interaction with prospects easier

Adding a comment box to your blog posts will give visitors and subscribers a chance to interact directly with you. Ending a blog post with questions is bound to catch the reader’s attention and they will feel inclined to respond. This one-on-one engagement can eventually earn you some new clients.

4.    A blog can establish you as a dental or medical expert

Sharing high quality and applicable information with your readers can help you carve a niche for yourself in the eyes of the reader. In time you might become the go-to person for advice and this will sway more customers your way.

5.     A blog can help you to target potential clients

While your blog does not directly promote the dental practice, it generally gives advice and promotes your business in a passive manner. Discussing your expert areas and specialties can help you in targeting those who have the capacity of becoming future clients. Stating the challenges that your potential clients undergo helps them to relate with you and your practice. These people will begin to trust you as you post more blogs. In the end you will have earned yourself new customers.

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