We thought that it would be good to start displaying some of our recent design work by category. This first month we have decided to show 4 examples of some recent medical logo designs. Hopefully this collection will give you some inspiration for your next logo project, we would love to hear about your thoughts comments on our selection.

Our recent designs are as follows (left to right / top to bottom)

  • Dr Davor Saravanja – Sydney based spinal surgeon.
  • Melbourne Melanoma Project –  research team committed to improving the diagnosis and early detection of melanoma.
  • iSpine Neurosurgery – Sydney based neurosurgeon and spinal surgeon.
  • Nepean Breast and Thyroid Centre – private breast and thyroid surgery clinic

What Makes A Great Medical Logo Design?

Designing a simple logo is actually remarkably difficult. Usually minimalist and uncluttered designs have had the same amount of work go into them as complex ones, and in many cases – even more time and effort. As Mark Zuckerberg famously said – the trick isn’t adding stuff, it’s taking away.

We are often asked what makes a great medical medical logo design. Your logo should be:

  • Unique – A good medical logo stands out among the others in your industry.
  • Adaptable – When creating a logo design, designers evaluate how it looks on different mediums.
  • Relevant – Your logo should appeal to your company’s target patient or client, and you company culture.
  • Timeless – By keeping a logo simple, a medical or dental company never has to fear that it will go out of style,

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